Yani Da Koza — “Sleep as You Please”

Introducing New York’s very owned Yani Da Koza Upcoming Artist.

Check out the interview below to get to know Yani more.

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Instagram: @ItzYaniMan

What’s your full name/artist name and where are you from?

“My real name is Siani Romero, my artist name is Yani Da Koza. Born and raised from Brooklyn, New York and Elizabeth, NJ (I live in Troy New York)”.

What makes you different as a person/artist?

“I’m a huge advocator of mental expansion, I engineer my music myself, and work nonstop! My numbers definitely started to reflect on SoundCloud when I hit 12.9K (and counting) streams in only a month, which is more than most can say that have been working for years. I started Koza Records and I already have producers — other artists have been hitting me up to work across the country. I only started doing this a couple of months ago and now there’s no turning back. I was homeless for a few months before I got my apartment — the one thing that kept me pushing was the music. I’m hungry because I don’t ever want to starve again. I’m only 19, and my foot is stuck on the gas,so everyone better watch out”!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Performing on big stages, amongst different audiences co existing with the greats of that time and finally getting back what I’ve put in”.

Check out Yani Da Koza on All Social Media Platforms listed below:

Email: YaniDaKozaENT@Gmail.com

SoundCloud: @ItzYaniMan

Instagram: @ItzYaniMan

Tik Tok: @YaniDaKoza

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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