Whinter- 2020 Underrated & Upcoming Artist

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Ryan Holmes, famously known as Whinter is an American musician and songwriter from The Coachella Valley in Southern California. Some of his biggest influences in the music industry are producers, artists, singers, and songwriters such as Tyler Joseph from the world renown band “Twenty One Pilots”. Another one is Jon bellion, a man who penned hits for Eminem/Rihanna but also for himself in multiple accounts.

In other genres he looks up to artists like Mac Miller, Chris Stapleton and SonReal. They all have one thing in common and that is putting their lives down on paper and writing their stories in their own personal therapeutic ways and then delivering them in song form for the world to listen. His goal and aspiration in music is to be able to communicate my story and have others hear my pain, struggle and triumphs to let them know they aren’t alone.

“One of my biggest accomplishments thus far is releasing my first mixtape in mid 2019 and having it organically account for over 3 thousands streams on each Spotify and Apple Music, all independently with no backing or marketing push. I also just recently, on March 27th, released my very first professionally shot music video for my latest single ‘Night Blue’, which is an r&b/pop fusion that tackles my mental struggles when it comes to reaching out for help during dark times of my life.”

“My legacy is simply wanting my music to reach as many people in this world as possible and to have them know that they arent alone in the fight that is life, and hopefully giving them a glimpse of hope along with it.

“I see myself touring around the country, playing shows, releasing more music and videos for thousands of fans who deeply connect with my sound and message, either done independently or with a label backing.”

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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