TheOfficialRese: Hottest Upcoming Youtuber/Entrepreneur

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Tyrese Kariuki, famously known as TheOfficialRese is a 18 year old professional Youtuber/Entrepreneur from Boston,MA. Growing up in Dallas,TX. He decided to start his youtube channel early 2019 and grew his channel to over 86,000 subscribers in just one year! His favorite thing about youtube is meeting fans in person, as well as seeing the world engage and enjoy his content. Rese is a go getter and does not let anyone stop him from succeeding.

Who Are Some Of Your Biggest Influences?

Some of his biggest influences are PontiacMade DDG & Prettyboyfredo as he was watching them growing up before starting his own channel.

How Did You Get Your Channel To Grow So Fast?

Videos including: “My Lit Playlist 2019”, “Aux Battles”, and “Finish The Rap Or Get Punished” blew Rese’s channel up and separated him from a lot of other content creators.

What Legacy Would You Like To Leave Behind?

The legacy he wants to leave behind is being one of the greatest youtubers to ever be on the platform as well as inspiring others to chase their dreams and positivity!

More About TheOfficialRese:

Some of his favorite hobbies and foods include Basketball, Playing 2k, Burgers, Pastas, more specifically Chicken Alfredo.

Below are some of his top videos:

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“My Lit Playlist 2019”

“Aux Battles”

“Finish The Rap”

Subscriber Count: 86k with over 5 million views

Subscribe here:

Check out his clothing line also:

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