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1.Edgar M. Razo. From :Wapato WA

2. Been blessed to be able to pick up music at a young age. My pops put us [siblings] on game with different genres of music, in spanish and english.

When I was about 13 or 14 my brother brought fl studio D.A.W (called fruity loops at the time) and we made beats. Fast track to today, we’ve came a long way in all aspects of production. My motivation is my people; both the people here and the ones I’ve lost. I practice my craft. I love my craft. Every day I learn something new. Better myself. Keep Grinding.

3. I feel my work ethic, drive, and love for what I do distinguishes from the rest. My motives, the reason I do what I do; separates me as a person.

4. In 5 years I see myself still following my dreams and making goals in what ever stage of life I’m in. Constantly working.

5. The. type of legacy I wanna leave behind is one that helps motivate. One that helps people follow their dreams and not give. One to show consistency and willingness to move forward no matter the circumstances.

My Email. Is

Twitter: razo90

Ig: mister_gee

Snap: riatote

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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