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My name is Te’chan Jackson and I am from Newark, New Jersey. Te’Chan has had the chance to bless the stage numerous times at local open mic nights near Raleigh NC. In 2017 he showcased his talent when K97.5 teamed up with The Athlete’s Foot and Reebok classic on a second year of the Athlete of the mic competition at Dubai Live. Later that year Te’chan opened up for Jeezy and Juvenile in Durham NC at the DPAC Center.

In 2018 Te’Chan also performed at the 14th Annual NC JuneTeenth Celebration which was another success for him he said. “connecting with those people meant everything, when this random lady came up to me humming my song and asked me for a hug that confirmed music was my calling.”

As a person I feel as though we are all unique and special , I just spend a lot of time learning myself and being a student to every life lesson. With that being said it comes off very humbling when I’m out because the maturity tends to show outwardly to peers. I try not to give people too much of me to overwhelm them but I make myself exclusive and give you just enough to keep you still locked in and focused on what I’m doing. On top of that I’m just genuine and I show a lot of gratitude and respect, that’s what got me this far in life.

In the next 5 years I see myself being very successful with multiple businesses. I see myself breaking the chains of poverty in my family and creating something unique that God has planned out for me. I will have family and friends set up to where they can start their own legacy and pass down generational wealth.

I plan on leaving behind a blue print for my family to follow and to not make as many mistakes that I have made growing up.

Social Media :

IG- ilovebeinfresh

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Facebook — Te’chan Jackson

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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