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Tamera Kelly is 43 year old, best selling author from Memphis, TN.

Who are you biggest influences?

“My late mother, Juanita Scott, was my biggest influence. She never knew a stranger! Growing up, I watched her selflessness and it amazed me. She gave food and clothes to those who were in need. During the holidays, she did whatever was needed for families to have a happy holiday. She wasn’t afraid to hold elected officials accountable to their communities, often calling them out for not making key changes in the community. Single mothers in our neighborhood came to her for strength, guidance, and support. The amazing thing was that she never once complained nor asked to be repaid. Because of HER, I can do what I do today.

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I can help the next single mother, the next middle school child, andthe next person in need to persevere through whatever Life has thrown at them. Because of the example that was set for me, giving became my lifeblood and I have learned to see people with my mother’s eyes. I’m no pushover; however, I will not willfully allow someone to suffer when help is within my reach, power, ability, or influence.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“In five years, I see myself on my time, full time. That means that I am a best-selling author, sought after, internationally known and recognized motivational speaker and transformational relationship coach!

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My youth organization, Purpose Over Popularity Youth Development Center, will be at the forefront of the effort to transform the lives of our youth. Our curriculum will be in every middle school in our state!

I see success for EVERY endeavor I have my hand in, bringing generational wealth to my family long after I transition.

I see myself continuing in my mission to be a voice for the voiceless!”



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