Syndicate Music Group’s ‘Mag1K’ Drops New Single “Moves”

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Versatility and unpredictability are why they call him Mag1K. When he was 18, He got the name not only because of his hometown of “Magic City” Birmingham, Alabama, but also being able to adapt to many situations, interested in a broad variety of inspiration that he incorporated into his music. A futuristic way of singing combining catchy melodies with his cadence is what he does best. When you listen to a song by Mag1K, you hear melodies with a wide range of notes as he raps over his diverse set of instrumentals that can be played both in the club or in the streets.

Keep up with Mag1K on social media

@_mag1k on instagram

@mag1k2 on twitter

Wala Mag1K on Youtube

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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