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My name is Andrew Castillo aka SteadyxLifted and I’m from Los Angeles California, spent years between LA and the inland empire. I have a upcoming label called. “ Lifted records “ which is managed solely. 80 percent of my work is engineered , written , recorded , mixed and mastered by myself . I am the middle child of a single mother of 4 , growing up was rough , being homeless that young and experiencing death of loved ones put a pain in my heart that as a kid ran from and became involved with a gang at 9 years old, also the start of a liquor and drug path. Throughout the age of 9 till now (25) I have always been into poetry and music . My lyrics and the stories I share , I feel is what makes me different from others , my style and experiences are very unique from most artist now, I have lived the struggle and had lived a fast life ,the music I create is relatable particularly for those who come from areas like mine and who battle with the same wars I do , in hopes my music can let them know they’re not alone and give them the courage to speak about subjects most are not fond of such as depression, being real with yourself , regardless of being labeled. as weak or feminine. The type of legacy I want to leave behind is being known as a honest person , leave messages for my children, family and encourage others.


Ig @steadyxlifted_one.up

Fb music : SteadyxLifted

Snap : Sleeps2Gee

All major platforms SteadyxLifted

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