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Joshua Farmer, notably known as SB Surfsup is a professional Hip-Hop artist hailing from Memphis Tennessee. No stranger to the music industry, SB has been making music and igniting movements in his city over the past ten years. His distinct sound and focus on his undeniable talent allowed him to reach those heights and walk in the brightest of lights. With breakout record “Be Her Man”, SB (at the time known as Skool Boy), made his mark as one of the hottest artists coming out of the South.

What makes you different as a person and as an artist?

As a person I will say it’s hard to be different like it’s somebody like you lol but basically the way I am I’m cut from a cloth that stands for something. I’m about standing strong and not folding for the bs. I’m a person that’s about making nothing out of something no excuses at all just get the job done. That’s me personally and as a artist when I didn’t have help or anything like that I didn’t let it stop me. I didn’t say well since I don’t have help I’m threw rapping hell know it just made me stronger simple as that. I’m artist that really focus on my craft and I’m really into the artist part and the music.

What do you want to accomplish in life?

In life I wanna help people that really want the help like I wanna teach people that’s willing too listen and follow the correct way. With music I wanna show people it’s ways too do what you love and make a real honest living and support not only your family but the community you was raised in. We always complain about what the government not doing and we go get rich and do nothing for the city. So my thing is instead of crying about not getting help and all that go make some of yourself and you make a change. I wanna really make a difference were I’m from like use my stardom and help my city hood by hood.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I should definitely be a superstar type artist like up there up there lol str8up I should have hella gold and platinum records and I just definitely be in the talks for mogul of the year and things like that. I’m not just a artist I’m a business man a father a provider a person that leads and guide. So it’s like the more stardom power I get the more better I can use it too change stuff for the better and just create a new way for artist and producers , writers too achieve something at the highest level without suffering and things of that nature, I’m gone be big that’s facts.

What do you bring to the music world?

Basically like what I answered in questions 2,3,4 I bring a lot too the table. Musically I’m really into it a 100% I love creating I love networking I just love the process so it’s a lot of passion behind what I do. So I know I will be giving the fans my best body of work every time I release something Because I always approach my music with passion and not thinking about how much money I can make by just throwing stuff out there. I believe in Quality over quantity.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Basically I will be looked at like that was the artist that changed the game in the best way possible he really lead the way and did what he spoke about when it comes too helping out. He showed other artist too be themselves and trust in your work and understand to never give up. They will name hella artist , writers , producers , ceos etc and say SB SurfsUp the reason they in that position. I’m about creating and helping people reach there full potential. I want my kids to be proud when they speak about how great I am , I want them too see me reach the highest level and then I I pass my kids and my nieces and nephews the platform to run it while I’m on a island enjoying retirement lol foreal.

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