Cardo Loot — From the Inner City Prpjects to next Super Producer?

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Ricardo Mercado, also known as Cardo Loot, is from the Bronx, NY and has found his way to producing music since 2011. While life threw its curveballs Cardo left and found his way back to making beats every single summer and winter since then. Listening to the Boom Bap era had a huge impact , including new music that invokes emotion by the works of people like Kid Cudi, etc. This transformed how Ricardo viewed and made his beats at the time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Pushing the culture to new levels never seen before and acknowledging the golden era of Hip hop/Rap at the same time.

What legacy do you wish to leave ?

Having a relatable impact on the people through my eyes while producing music that can be heard years down the line .

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