Phenom(Phillip Robinson) — Legacy In The Making

James Lee
3 min readNov 17, 2020

Phillip Robinson, also known as Phenom. From Durham, North Carolina.

I’m an entrepreneur with many skills. My journey started at 14 when I developed my love for working in live sports production which developed my love for storytelling. For the past six years I’ve traveled up and down the east coast helping people capture once in a lifetime moments. As my learning continued after college, my storytelling tactics transitioned from motion pictures to literary arts and audibles. I’ve written two books, one which became an Amazon Best Seller, and the other the center of my podcast. I’ve been fortunate to have been invited to universities and youth programs to speak on my transition from being a D1 collegiate athlete to an entrepreneur. The experience I’ve gained since college has led me to my most current business venture, which is opening a community event center. I know how important it is for creatives to express themselves and I want to help as people as possible in my city.

What makes me different as a person is simply that I have no issues with standing out and looking weird or different to the other people. A prime example of this is when I named myself Phenom. At first, my friends and family didn’t understand why I would give myself a name and they were so confused. Once they got a chance to hear my story and learned that Phenom is an acronym, what it stood for changed their minds. I believe that willingness to stand out has pushed me to wear all kinds of different hats. There aren’t many people in my age bracket within my industry that can say they’re an athlete, podcaster, author, day trader, speaker, video editor, tv producer, and business owner. That is what separates me from others within my industry.

It’s so interesting to think about where I’ll be in 5 years because only God knows. I recorded a podcast episode about this a year ago. I’m a very ambitious person who is always taking the opportunities that come my way. I just know that in the next 5 years I want to continue making an impact on thousands of people to become the best versions of themself.

The legacy I wish to leave behind is a wealth of valuable knowledge that teaches someone how to accomplish anything they set their heart and soul to. Recently, I’ve realized just how much knowledge can truly…

James Lee

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