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Kennedy Reaves, famously known as PH3NOM, is a musical artist and songwriter from North Dallas, TX.

What makes you different?

What makes me different as an artist is my character. I have a different insight than most when it comes to being an artist. I’m trying to be an impactful artist, but the right way. I don’t gang bang, I don’t care to say I’m street, and I’m no thug. I’m just a real person that stands for what’s objectively right. I might talk a lot of this and that in my music, but understand that’s where I came from not where I’m going. A lot of my music comes from my past to reflect and show my life. With my newer music to come in 2021, you will see a difference with my message. I also want to focus on building the Black community. In all terms of factions from education being first and foremost to rebuilding the communities. We must rebuild the mind first, in order for us to see an adequate change. For this to happen, we as a community must be open minded to change the right way. For years the white man and the government have installed in us fear and hate. We fear the system and keep putting focus into it instead of trying to figure out how to become successful. We can link up for riots and go into battle with the police. All though, when it comes down to going to school or fighting for your on self to make you a better person and go outside the box. We fail to do this. We fail to become better people. That’s what we must change, it’s time we as a people start succeeding.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I can see myself, in 5 years, owning multiple businesses. I also see myself having my own label and owning properties all around the world. Hopefully by then, I will have a Grammy because of my musical influences. That is a goal of mine to win a Grammy. My desire is to leave a legacy for my children and my family when I become a father. I’m looking forward to making it a reality in 5 years.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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