Oscar Barragan: Conquering the world

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Oscar Barragan is a 22 year old entrepreneur and business owner from Monterey, California. He runs a huge social media network of 10M+ followers. A couple of his pages are @hellcatsandshelbys and @boning. He also does advertisements, helps people grow their pages/businesses, and scale them. He is a real estate agent and he also has a Martial Arts school called Bodyworxmartialarts. He received his black belt when he was 21 years old after 10 years of hard work. He is also an investor and has a lot of money in bitcoin. Crypto currencies intrigue him and he strongly believes they will fly up in the future!

“Some of my biggest influences in my industry are Manny Khoshbin and Warren Buffett. Manny Khoshbin came to this country poor and lived in a car with about 6 other people. He has now amassed hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to his commercial real estate investments. Warren Buffett is the world’s most successful investor. Not only is he a Billionaire, but he is one of the most humble. He currently lives in the same $300K house he bought before he was so rich.”

Give me a little info about your back ground

I grew up poor in a 1 bedroom trailer with both my parents and 2 brothers. I never had my own room when I was growing up and my parents had to work extremely hard. I realized I wanted to grow up and become successful and help my parents retire. I quickly began to think of ideas and started executing some of them. A lot of the money started coming in when I started to grow pages on Instagram and people would reach out to me for advertisement. I quickly started growing more and more pages as I saved up my money. By the time I was a junior in high school I had already bought my own sports car and paid it off. As I was working on my financial life, I was also working on my health and mental state. I was able to receive a blackbelt at the age of 21. I am now involved in investing and real estate. I just received my real estate license and I’m headed to becoming a broker. I think my biggest accomplishment was being able to help my parents and repay them for all that they did.”

I want to be known as one of the best entrepreneurs the world’s ever seen. I want to be known as the kind hearted guy that helped out millions of people that needed help. It breaks my heart when I see people out on the streets. I want to build a real estate empire while helping people succeed and lifting their spirits. I am known as the “asshole” because of how nice and genuine I actually am. I know how ironic.. lol.”

In 5 years I see myself as a millionaire helping out the homeless and animals. I see myself going out and teaching kids that everything can be accomplished no matter what situation you were born into. With a good mind set and the will to succeed, it will come eventually. I will be widely known as the most loving and caring “asshole” the world has ever seen.”

Social media is @asshole



Email: bayareaoscar1@gmail.com

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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