Nkemakolam Onwuka Ogba Kalu

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Nkemakolam Onwuka Ogba Kalu is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and co-producer but was born in London ! Some of his biggest influences are Hozier, Billie Eilish, Tori Kelly, Labrinth and John Legend ! His biggest accomplishment thus far would, arguably, be performing for the Egyptian president or getting the millions of views he has on his features. He would like to leave a fruitful and impactful legacy behind. He wants to go out as one of the greats and also one of the poster guys for positivity, speaking up and fearlessness as well as unwavering honesty and relatability in music. He also wants to be revered as someone who did it his way and in 5 years, he’d love to be as big if not bigger than Lewis Capaldi.

Main number: +447847880783

WhatsApp: +447949877469

Socials and music links:


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