Niko Gunn (NK3)- Actor, Model, and Fashion Designer

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Niko Gunn, also known as “NK3” was born and raised in Lakewood, California. Niko Gunn is a unique, artistic, and stylish individual who is currently on the rise to the top of success. Niko encounters numerous obstacles in his path and he still obtains the urge and desire to become one of the greatest, successful, inspirational individuals of all time. Gunn’s career goals are to become a millionaire movie star and supermodel. Niko Gunn will be starring in an upcoming film project with his director Elijah Garcia (Instagram: @_egfilms) and with his co-star DJ (Instagram: @slyezy) . The synopsis of the film is about two track star athlete siblings who overcome adversity against one another as brothers. The less talented brother is consumed with jealousy and rage against his brother who has more talent than him. Niko has his own clothing brand called “NK3 Merchandise” follow his merchandise page on Instagram: (@nk3_merchandise).Gunn obtains his own Instagram hashtag called. #nk3collection .Make sure to follow Niko Gunn’s hashtag on Instagram. Niko Gunn is an ambassador and models for urban luxury watch brand known as Davinci XXI (Instagram: @davincixxi) . Use Niko’s promo code: “NK3” for 15% off on purchases. Niko Gunn is a certified business owner and he will open up his own fashion clothing store called “NK3 DESIGNS”. Niko is a self-made upcoming superstar who is not satisfied with being average and desires to be successful and wealthy in life. NK3’s passion, desire, and strive are unstoppable forces because when Niko sees a beneficial opportunity, he will grasp onto that and will never let anyone stop him from chasing his goals and dreams. He wants to leave the greatest legacy ever to the Gunn family name and he strives to be the greatest everyday.

-Follow Niko Gunn on Instagram: @nk3_venom & his clothing page is @nk3_merchandise 🖤☯️.

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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