Music Artist FEELSOUL tells his story

James Lee
3 min readAug 15, 2022

It’d finally good to sit down with you sir. Tell us your story:

I am professionally known as FEELSOUL my family is from North Carolina,
however, I was born and raised in Morristown, New Jersey. I love music for
multiple reasons. The first being I grew up around music and I was fully
immersed in music growing up, it was part of everyday life. My uncle was a local
DJ often making mixes for friends, family and the local community. My mom
always threw little house parties so I was really around a lot of music early. I
heard lots of James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Slave, Parliament Funkadelic,
New Edition and so much more. I was the little kid imitating dance moves by
Bobby Brown and any Soul Train moves I could steal. But it grew into me really
loving all forms of music but I related most to hip-hop. I was really influenced by Wutang 36 Chambers, and then my mind went to a different space with Illmatic
and the Reasonable Doubt. Those two albums really impacted me lyrically. The
deepest part of my love became lyrics. I use to print out lyrics and rewrite songs
and that was how I began songwriting. I use to hear the voices of the artist
whose lyrics I printed in my head. So I would write my own version of their songs.
I probably wrote thousands of versions of songs. The next evolution for me was
when I began making beats and after trial an error I found my sound, style and
cadence. But even that I literally locked in and made over 500 beats in like 6
months trying to get better. Getting the quality, understanding the song key and
what works, and does not work was not easy. But that’s what motivated me even
more it became something I had to solve. During my journey as I started to
connect with people through the art, it made me love music even more.
What makes me different as a music artist in my opinion, is how I’ve done a lot of
things as an entrepreneur prior to being just an artist. As far as music business I
started making videos for others. I also design clothes, shoes and much more.
I’ve published more than 6 books, four independently, I also have three college
degrees. I see FEELSOUL as a representation of my entity. As stated by HOV
I’m not a business man, I’m a business man… I firmly believe that.
I see myself creating music, making waves in the music business and running a
thriving businesses. I can see lots of partnerships developing, and continued…

James Lee

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California