Meet GGK 1717

James Lee
3 min readJan 14, 2024


Hey how are you sir? Please tell us about you:

GGK 1717 which is short for two different monikers the “GANG GANG KAIN” with my address that I grew up at, AKA. “GO GETTA KING” we all know “GANG GANG” can stand for party time or even neighborhood representation plus my government name.

I am born & raised on The Monterey Peninsula of CA (Seaside, CA) to be exact.

It all started growing up as a kid in the 831 I’ve sat on the futon back in the days watching my mom as a kid sing her heart out to her custom beats, She even rapped & wrote all of her lyrics down her self. At her lowest times which transformed me into who I am today as a man It was just a whole vibe that I was fascinated with and will never forget. That’s honestly what inspired me to love music, it helped me cope with my reality. I learned how to write my life on paper also so that others can relate & be inspired to never ever give up on their dreams. Now I have my own company GGK 1717 ENTERTAINMENT, with my mother. My family has been through some very serious situations that have made it very hard for them to recover. But they still managed to survive it all.

My hyped energy, all the different crazy flows I have. How I’m willing to do every genre of music with no excuses made at all Consistency is honestly what made me stick out the most, guaranteed. I’m on a mission to share my compelling story and shed light on the realities of my surroundings with an unapologetic approach.

I’ll be a billionaire in a mansion somewhere living lavash I have many talents that I have learned to monetize, planning on introducing them to the world.

Feeling real passionate about becoming the role model for the rest of my bloodline. I am the oldest boy on my moms side & youngest boy on my dads side bound to make a change on this earth for all my relatives & beautiful little daughter Savannah blue. Looking forward to creating ways for generational wealth to be generated for us all to make a way for anybody related to me to flourish.

What I bring to the table is a new-found hope for the lost souls, under dogs and the people born into poverty. I’ve struggled with homelessness, lost my siblings to the system, incarceration of both parents on and off which ripped my family apart. The area is beautiful, but a lot of people struggle with substance abuse, domestic violence & countless losses from gang violence, to drug deals gone bad plus furthermore. Having the strength to keep pushing is very important for everybody to remember. Expressing my life is amazing as I navigate through life challenges embracing the gangsta lifestyle that defines my experiences my lyrics resonate with authenticity offering listeners a glimpse of seaside and its raw emotions that accompany it I’m not just a rapper I am a storyteller determined to put the city on the map and give a voice to the narratives that often go unheard It’s a talent god blessed me with, I’m forever grateful for…

Inspired to be one of the greatest of all time plus A well respected, Boss, genuine loving man always about his business and family that has faith in every single thing he’s ever done, I want to leave a mark on the land we live on as a trendsetter of the itty bitty city by the water surpassing & breaking all the biggest music goals in the history of music also entrepreneurship.



James Lee

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California