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Matt Aaron is a 26 year old American musical artist, songwriter, and producer from Stone Mountain, GA

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Who are your biggest musical influences?

I look up to J. Cole, Kendrick, Drake, Big Sean, and Kanye sonically and I watch how they move. I feel like anyone can learn a lot from them because they are different in their own way and each of them move differently. Even though I look up these guys, I honestly find inspiration from my surroundings. I think that is my biggest influence because I am always meeting people with different backgrounds and views, or I am out and about and see different things or may have an experience that may trigger an idea. That is why I like going out and being in the mix because I draw inspiration from so many different people and things that I may see.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, maybe less than that, I see myself as one of the hottest producers/ artists in the game. I am aiming for a couple of Grammys so hopefully I’ll be blessed enough to get a nomination at minimum. I also see myself getting involved with different business ventures like real estate, owning a restaurant or lounge, and maybe even an entertainment company. Whenever I reach the level of success that opens doors for more opportunities to make more money, I definitely want to capitalize on that because every hot artist/ producer eventually gets cold.

Social Media:

Instagram: @MattAaronOfficial

Twitter: @RealMattAaron

Facebook: MatthewAaron

YouTube: MattAaronDotCOm


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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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