Marcus D. Miller: The New Face of Branding and Marketing for 2020

Marcus D. Miller a 37 year old Chief Marketing Officer at SM Branding and Consulting, a division of Onyx Love LLC from Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Miller is a Branding and Marketing Specialist who helps Entrepreneurs in a variety of industries build awareness for their personal or company brands. He has provided Brand Consulting and Development for Keller Williams Southwest, Keller Williams VIP, Keller Williams Green Valley (The Marketplace) The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), Addicted Realty, The Economic Opportunity Board of Clark County, 88.1 KCEP Teen Talk Vegas, Amerifirst Financial Inc, (Morgage Brokerage) Hot 702.5FM Radio Station and many more…Mr. Miller helps facilitate and provide a wealth of innovative marketing strategies for client’s in-house PR, Marketing, and Customer Experience departments.

Before starting his consulting company in 2014 , he spent 4yrs carefully researching, evaluating, and discovering from experience the best innovative marketing strategies used in today’s businesses. Mr. Miller has successful helped tech companies, real estate agents, radio station owners, fitness trainers, residential leasing agents, make-up artists, aspiring authors and entrepreneurs achieve their branding goals. Marcus D. Miller help corporations and entrepreneurs build brand awareness through social media marketing strategies, influencer marketing, and paid ad campaigns.

He’s passionate about his family, his wife of 10 years and his two daughters. His youngest is 6yrs old and his oldest is 9yrs old. He is also very passionate about helping people discover their success path in life utilizing their personal or company brand as leverage to achieve new business and awareness.

What’s your biggest goal in life?

“Legacy, Legacy, Legacy… I am extremely concerned with creating a legacy for my family that will exist for many generations to come. Making a lot of money and creating a good quality of life for your family is honorable. However, it is something completely different to create a great quality of life for the next 4 generations after you”.

What do you feel like you bring to the table in your professional field?

“Creative “Out of the Box” Psychological Marketing Strategies. I noticed my fellow marketers, influencers, brands, and marketing agencies are only concerned with product placement and sales not brand. They call themselves a brand but their delivery of content does not focus on connectability, which is the number one objective for any long lasting brand. To connect with your potential audience or customers on a personal level we must become very savvy with the psychological mindset of those people. I am naturally very good at this ability, which is what I bring to the table in the branding and marketing profession”.

Who are some of your biggest influences in your profession?

“Hands down…Gary Vee, watching his content along with a short list of other branding professionals like Bernhard Schroeder definitely played a significant role in my understanding of branding, advertising, and lead generation”

What’s your favorite food?

“My favorite food is anything extremely hot lmao. Hotter is definitely better”

What’s your favorite place to travel?

“Before all of this coronavirus virus madness, I loved traveling to Venice, Italy, Nassau, Bahamas, and I absolutely loved Montego Bay, Jamaica”

What legacy would you like to leave behind in your profession and also for yourself for people to remember you by?

“I would like my Legacy to be remembered as “Greatness with Infinite Possibilities” I started from beyond humble beginnings and sacrificed a lot to get myself into a position of leverage in my profession. For those who are looking for a better way, a better path to success, an opportunity to lean into their greatness….do not STOP, those opportunities are out there for us all. However, if we never get uncomfortable enough to seek a new path, we will never find it”


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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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James Lee

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California