Lil Ree — Cincinnati’s new rap star?

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Aurelius Edmonds also known as a rapper, “Lil Ree”, from Cincinnati Ohio To Parkersburg West Virginia I’ve came a long way. I first start rapping when I made my first single called, “Coca Cola” with my step brother & from there I’ve been moving on up! I met up with a rapper named, “Yxng Jaiden” and we drop our first EP called, “Street Love”, and we got nothing but good comments on it, so we continued! “Yxng Jaiden”, was someone I met in Parkersburg and with my flows and Strategies with making songs and Jaidens voice, we figured out we had something special together in the music side! As me and Jaiden keep releasing fire music we run into opportunities with contracts and celebrities and also scams. Our Top Songs “Let Me Know” & “Mission” gave us a lot of exposure and gained us a lot of fans! In five or maybe less years I’ll be somewhere making all the money I need from my music! & to leave a message when I’m gone to all my fans to be a good person to receive good things cause that’s what I live by!






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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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