Lil Agz — The Viral Sensation Taking the Music Industry by Storm

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Lil Agz is a musical artist and songwriter from Bronx, NY. He is the hottest young rapper representing the youth movement taking over the music industry. He put the world on notice of his charismatic, one-of-a-kind personality by telling a story in his neighborhood park about one of his friends. This video featured his well-known phrase “Ohh Saylesss” which then went viral and touched every pocket of the internet.

While some may view Lil Agz as funny kid on Instagram; his true passion has always been music. His debut single “Momma We Good” shocked the internet and garnered millions of streams overnight & attention from established industry vets. He has followed up with two more singles; “Not a Regular Kid” and “LIT FOR ME”. All three songs show off the versatility that he possesses at his age and his potential to develop into a household name. While his story may confuse some; he’s a kid born to unfortunate circumstances trying to carve out a better life for himself and his family using the opportunities at his disposal.

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Tell us about you:

My name is a mystery right now, respectfully, but my rap name is Lil Agz and I’m from the Bronx, NY.

Tell us about your music career:

How did you get started? I always wanted to rap. Growing up listening to different songs, repeating the lyrics all the time, it made me want to freestyle. I didn’t really think I was nice when I started but I used to practice over YouTube beats. I guess I got better over time because I freestyled for my boys one time and they said I should keep rapping. Then I started writing down lyrics in my phone. Whenever bars would come to my head, I would put them in my notes. I just kept practicing and freestyling whenever I was home or alone. Even just remixing songs to myself. One day my co-manager recorded a video of me telling a story about this girl I was talking to and one of my friends. I didn’t even know what would come from it but I was just telling the story and ended up saying “Ohh Saylesss”, and my life changed from there. All of a sudden I was a meme all over the internet. “Ohh Saylesss” was everywhere. I didn’t even have Instagram or twitter at that time and I saw a lot of fake profiles. I thought to myself, “Yo. Now is the time to start rapping. All of these people know my face and voice, now I can get them to hear my bars”. My managers took me under the wing and I’ve been working to make it out of the hood and change my family’s life ever since. My first song “Momma We Good” went viral on social media and got over 1 Million streams overnight. I expected everyone to hate on me but the love I got made me believe in myself even more. I felt like I really had a future to be successful and it motivated me to keep getting better. I’ve been working on my first EP “You Kno My Body Vol. 1” and that’s dropping before Halloween. I have some artists from different countries featured on it and I’m really excited about it. I hope everyone enjoys the work that I put in.

What makes you different as a person and also what separates you from the rest of your peers in your industry?

I’m Lil Agz, respectfully, that says enough because there’s no one else like me. People may think my story is fake or I’m a “culture vulture” (yeah I know what that means too), but this is all real. I’ve been misunderstood my whole life. I really come from the struggle and anyone that really knows me knows that. I like to be a clown and make people laugh but I have real pain that I want people to hear in my music. Everybody wants to know my story, but I want to tell it in my bars. People say “you’re so young, what could have been through? Stay in school.” You can go through things at any age and I know there’s kids in my generation that can relate and even people older than me. My music is supposed to be heard by anyone, it doesn’t matter how old you are.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If you asked me that a year ago, I wouldn’t even know how to answer. I didn’t really see a future for myself. I didn’t see a way out. But now, I can see it. I see myself being bossed up in 5 years, known as one of the best young rappers in the game, living in a mansion with my team and my Mom having her own mansion. My managers always talk to me about money and how to make it work for you so I want to invest my money so I’ll never go broke again. I hosted a Back-To-School giveaway in my hood in the Bronx a couple weeks ago and that made me feel really good to give back. I want to keep that going and keep helping people. I see myself giving back even more and having my own foundation or something. Something that really makes a difference in the hood.

What legacy do you wish to leave behind?

I want to be known as the hardest working young rapper to do it. I want to give kids in the struggle hope that they can help their family no matter how old they are. I want to grow up in the game and get to a boss level like Diddy. I already started up an Independent Label called Switch The Game Up, LLC (@st.gu_). I want to help other young artists like me get on because I know how hard it is to make it to the level that I’m at. I know how blessed I am to be in this position and I want to give other people that same opportunity. I want to have a roster of talented young artists like me on my Switch The Game Up, LLC.

Momma We Good Video:





Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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