Keshyra. A freespirit, vibrant, hardworking girl from the southside of Chicago

James Lee
3 min readJul 20, 2021

Tell us about you:

In my early years, I was once teased for being different. I had an unique skin complexion, was low-income, had fairly “real” friends, but somehow I was always the person someone aimed to “know”. It wasn’t until I looked deep within myself and learned who I was as a person that I realized most people just wanted to hear my story because no matter how much I wanted to hide myself, I stood out in a room. I eventually learned to embrace who I am and to smile through even the toughest times. I would ask myself If I got this far without trying, imagine if I really did? This is what led me to want to go into modeling. I want to remind people that it is okay to shine. No matter where you come from. I pride myself on being someone who puts out the energy into the world that I would like to receive. As a model, it is important to represent the person that you want to be someday, even if you are not already there. But more importantly, you represent the brands that have taken out the time to partner with you. I believe that I am different from most people because I put the idea of manifestation at the forefront of my life. I manifest everything! rather that is a unique photoshoot I want to create, a business idea that I want to see prosper, or even just the possibility of meeting amazing people throughout the day. It’s a gift to be able to give worries and doubt over to the universe. As a model, I will bring my uplifting spirit/ positive attitude, good sense of style, adaptability, and overall confidence to the table to help create art.

I see myself as someone who will help others launch the business of their dreams someday. As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, my ultimate goal is to accomplish both financial stability and mental clarity. To do this, I plan to stay focused and accomplish my dreams in a stepwise fashion. As I embark on the journey to enter the modeling world, I will bring both my looks as a young, black woman and past skills to the table. I have a keen interest in design as it relates to businesses. I am currently a candidate for my masters of science in design, business, and technology at the University of Southern California, so creativity is not an issue on my end. I aim to use everything I have learned to help the next…

James Lee

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