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K Tec is a young emerging hip hop artist who’s perfecting his craft and is on the rise with his debut mixtape “We Gone Make It” which released back in Summer 2017. On the debut tape he has a collaboration with platinum producer (Trench Lord B) from Atlanta’s hit producing duo Nard & B. He also worked with hit and Grammy nominated producer K.E On the Track on his latest project “Ain’t No Stoppin”. K Tec has a loner/lover personality that stands on loyalty to others and soul that makes him stand out as a pillar in his local community. He embraces a rap-sing style that’s melodic and trap savvy, no one can compare or recreate this sound. While being underrated this won’t be the last we hear from him.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself being one of many icons in the new era of the music industry. Also I see me pursuing ventures in the business side of the economy. For example I want to collaborate with major clothing/shoe companies and also dab a little into restaurant ownership. Stocks and real estate opportunities may be a plus into my journey as well.

What type of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to leave a legacy behind where people will still remember my name when I’m long and gone. I want people to still be listening to my music and watching my videos 50 years from now. Also I want to be remembered by my presence in the community not just by my entertainment and business.



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