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I am Juan Rayo-Orozco, I go by Juandisemo, and I’m a Colombian rapper and artist that represents Loudpack Lifestyle collectively based in Broward County, Florida. What sets me apart from other artists is the way in which I effortlessly fuse elements of different type of flows and variety of different type of instrumentals in my Rap and hip hop music in all my songs . Music provides a way for me to honor my dual-identity as a Colombian-American citizen and my lyrics are socially conscious and reflect my connection to the histories of both cultures. I am also extremely honest in my music about the sacrifices I have made in order to succeed and my journey of learning and growing from the obstacles I have faced. Music truly gives me hope for the future and is ultimately the path I’ve chosen because of my passion and determination to bring about real change in the world. In five years, I envision myself with full ownership of my master, a solid brand, and a team of creative minds all connected by the goal of uniting people through music.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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