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Jhardan Reign X is 24 year old model from a small town in the Inland Empire called Rancho Cucamonga. Currently, she lives in San Pedro.

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Tell me a little about yourself?

I’ve been modeling for about three years now! My biggest influences in my personal life are Jesus and my family. Jesus inspires the humility and humanity in me. With my family, I’m surrounded by a lot of naturally influential, outspoken, driven and artistic people so they definitely influence those traits in me. Collectively, they bring out the best in me. In the industry, I admire women like Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Adriana Lima, Bella Hadid and Tiana Parker. These women have this powerful and equally sexy and feminine air about them that I aspire to always have.

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What are some of your biggest accomplishments thus far in your life?

I’ve been blessed to have accomplished quite a bit in the last few years since I started pursuing my craft. Some of my biggest accomplishments have been a feature in Essence magazine for Coachella, being in over 20 music videos and becoming a published, self-portrait freelance model on the cover of a digital magazine.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I can see myself well-established in my career as a model as well as the other crafts I’m interested in. I see myself on the cover of more magazines, published my poetry book (finally), starring in a Netflix series, having seen more of the world and actively seeking peace, growth, God and happiness. I can see myself doing what I love for the rest of my life.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to leave behind a legacy that makes the world easier for young black women and girls to exist in. I want my contribution to help evolve and expand society’s beauty standards so young black girls can grow up and see more of themselves in the world around them. I want to be a brick in the bridge that builds them a better future, and makes opportunities more accessible for them to break out in the industry. I also want to be another example that as an artist, you can be successful in multiple avenues. I want to be a renaissance woman and a business owner, a humanitarian and an activist.

Email: Jhardanmcclay@yahoo.com

Social Media:

Instagram: @JhardanReign

Twitter: @RuinAndReign

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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