Jason Lobdell- Master Of The game

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It’s safe to say making $1M first year in business is a remarkable goal to reach. but doing it 3 more times might make you a Master if that craft. That’s exactly why Jason Lobdell is A Master of the fitness game turning your passion into a paycheck is something we all dream about but actually taking action is a different story.

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Jason believes what he brings to the table cant be duplicated. therefore trying to put a price tag on his worth is impossible. Outside of having a 7 figure online fitness challenge Jason has found 5 different ways to make 6 figures within the fitness industry including affiliate programs, physical gym location, detox tea ,supplements and his new fitness apparel line @thebodynv wich hit $100k first 90 days of business driven by his wife and Fire Chief Halani Lobdell it’s safe to say the Lobdell’s are just getting started and already setting the bar supper high for would be competitors





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