JAJ — Chicago’s Newest Musical Genius

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JAJ is an American music artist and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois.

What makes you different?

As an artist, my unique way of putting words together separates me from other rappers in Chicago. No matter what track you listen to by me, it’s going to make sense. My music appeals to young & old listeners because my flow is versatile, and my songs have substance. Growing up being around older people contributes to the old soul I have at this young age. Going thru tough trials and tribulations through my adolescence forced me to grow up faster than most of my peers. Especially being from Chicago, the average kid faces hardships and traumatizing events most youths don’t experience. I find it difficult to go in the booth and rap about random topics that never occurred in my life before, everything with me is authentic. I use rap to express myself and speak about the things I’m going through and what I’ve been through, in my own way. I don’t focus on being a better rapper than others; No one can tell my story better than me because I’m the one walking in these shoes every day. If you a real one, you’ll feel me.

What do you want to accomplish in life?

I want my family & I to experience things we could have never imagined. I’m not just doing this for me, I have people depending on me. Making sure my people set for life will be the biggest accomplishment for me, making it out being the second. Living life comfortable has to be a great feeling, I come from nothing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself still working to accomplish my goals. The work never stops, after one goal is complete, I set a higher one. I see myself creating opportunities for many different people and comfortably providing for my family. I see myself proud of the younger me because he’s the one who manifested everything I’d have then. He went through all the obstacles and stayed solid which is why I’d be where I am in 5 years. Who knows, I may be on the red carpet next to Drake & Jay-Z. I just might be one of the greats.

What do you bring to the music world?

To the music world, I bring new young energy. Before rap, I was a role model to my peers and those younger & older than I. Music is just my route to the real greatness in store for me. I bring a strong influence on a young diverse audience, which is important in the music world. Appealing to different cultures is something I’m fortunate to do, my movement can go worldwide. I know when in position, I’ll be able to make a bigger impact on the music world outside of my songs. People naturally attract to me because of my genuine energy and will follow my trends, this I see. I’m used to having little kids look up to me, so I know I’ll have a positive impact on the youth. I only speak realness through my music, that will be appreciated by older crowds. My age keeps me close to the younger audience, while my soul keeps me tied in with the older audience. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m the chosen one.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

When I grow older, I want to have the satisfaction knowing that I contributed to ending the poverty cycle. A lot of kids are born into situations they didn’t ask for, resulting in the lack of opportunity. Every night I pray for the strength & ability to better my situation & those around me. I believe everyone deserves to win, if they’re genuine. Giving back to the community will be one of my focuses whenever I have the real ability to do so as well. I feel obligated to do this because I know if I can at least impact one life, they will pay it forward to the next kid when they grow older and are in position, creating a new cycle of greatness.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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