Jai Emm — New Project “Laissez Faire”

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Relativity, substance and musicianship are the key ingredients to an monumental R&B project. Laissez Faire encompasses all of those components and more. Executively produced by Knice On The Sonics, it’s an incredible evolution of sound from their predecessor Aurora Borealis. Laissez Faire is an attitude adapted from the French policy that emerged during its revolution. It’s the belief that people can govern their own affairs without interference. Jai Emm isn’t finding a lane. She’s being herself. That’s what we all want to do anyway. While staying true to her genre, Jai Emm explores R&B subgenres in a unique but cohesive way. Each song is a journey through emotion that ends in self resolution and growth. “Skull and Bones” produced by Lennox the Gr8, shines a light on how guilt can destroy a relationship without any words spoken. It highlights the importance of accountability and communication of our flaws and questionable actions. “Rolling Up” featuring Polo Paul is a middle finger to societal standards with a cute play on a Trick Daddy classic. Production by DieJessieDie was the perfect counterpart to Jai Emm’s spacey vocals. “What You Doing” is a. vibey celebration of sexuality and attraction to a partner’s essence. Sometimes you don’t know what draws you to another; it’s just what they do. The free but intricate production by Dom Martin sealed this experimental R&B masterpiece. “Don’t Stop”produced Knice On The Sonics, is a declaration of love while addressing the inevitable issues that may arise. It’s a plea for faith in the connection and understanding when it’s most difficult. Kay Anthony lends a verse to this melodic heart to heart, providing a male view on finding happiness with a difficult partner. Masculine expression of emotion is often limited or ignored. This honest exchange was a much needed exposure of different perspectives. “Tell Me What You Want” is a cry for acceptance and a struggle between self identity and outside perspective. Jai Emm purely shares her battle with balancing confidence and self awareness. The instrumentation complete with vocal samples by Lester London created the angst energy that makes this track unforgettable. “Catch It” produced by Knice On The Sonics, ignites the greatness within. In a light falsetto, Jai Emm trancedly calls you to reach your high and grab what’s yours in life. “These Days” produced by Lester London, is a confirmation of love, trust and respect. It’s a vulnerable affirmation of dedication that is reminiscent of the timeless classics we’ve all pictured for our wedding day. “Want You Now” featuring Mo Dubb and produced by IIINO, is a yearning for satisfaction. Jai Emm dominantly orders her partner to please her NOW. On “I Don’t Care” produced by Knice On The Sonics, Jai Emm gives assurance that her love is unconditional. Past the flaws and imperfections, the feeling of kissing someone at the end of every night overwhelms anything else. Wild Seed is a metaphoric meeting of earthly Gods. With herself on a pedestal, she exalts her partner as an imperial equal. Based on the book, Wild Seed by Octavia Butler, the lyrics emote a desire to be let in to form a union more powerful than they both. could imagine. With sounds by Native Sound’s Chino Cheeze, the production balanced the raw lyrics and pure voice of Jai Emm. The visual aspect of Laissez Faire directed by Zig Adams, was an equally compelling experience. An extraordinary compilation of perfectly selected snippets that captured the entire essence of the song while piquing curiosity to lead you directly to the full versions, each video smoothly transitioned to different realms of Jai Emm’s inner thoughts. From the sexy garden scenes of “What You Doing” to the heart pulling tribute to her late mother in “Catch It”, Laissez Faire is a sensory story of life and a flawless execution of an independent audiovisual album.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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