J Bert: Eighty Eight Album Release Soon

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Derrick Kissi Jr better-known as J Bert is a French/American rapper, singer, songwriter, and internet personality. The Dallas rapper rose popularity from his hit song “Love Her” from his previous album called vision. Bert is originally from Dallas, Texas, and currently working on becoming an agent with OVO Sound, with his upcoming album on the way.

J Bert started his music career in 2015 after being inspired by his Aunt “Linda de Lindsay” a popular Ivorian-french artist who acquire fame by her song called Stylmoulance. In 2016, Bert started a record label named “Kfaamos” to help young talented artists like himself bring out their arts. The record label was promoting, producing music, recording videos, designing covers, and arts for free. The same year, Kfaamos signed two artists and was invited to perform at the Afrimma Awards in Dallas, Texas. J Bert made an impact in his community and has been working hard ever since to bring something new to the music industry. Not sounding like any other rapper in the industry and with his uniqueness, J Bert decides to drop another album coming up in 2020. Bert has been working ever since with music engineers and producers such as Anass “YnB Record”, Aaron “Greenville”, Armando “Luminous”, Ray “Legacy”, Wess “Fifty50”, Frosty G “TuneTank” and Bert Music Entertainment. What separates J Bert from all the rappers out there is his unique flow and dedication to succeed in his music career. Not only does he produces his own beats but he’s able to mix and DJ.

In future years to come, J Bert sees himself impacting millions of people as an Artist and Entertainer. The independent artist admires one of the best musicians in the industry right now who goes by Drake. The sensational rap recording artist on the rising pictures himself being signed by Universal Music Group or OVO Sound. J Bert’s legacy is yet to begin and the artist plans to bring various new flows and different sounds to the music industry. Bert’s next album called “Eighty-Eight” will be out soon.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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