Introducing Deziya Cartel: A Unique Voice in the Music Industry

James Lee
3 min readOct 13, 2023

In the vast and ever-evolving world of music, there are those rare individuals who possess a talent that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences. One such artist is Deziya Cartel, a singer, songwriter, and entertainer whose passion for her craft knows no bounds. Born in Jamaica and raised in South Carolina, Deziya brings a unique blend of cultural influences and personal experiences to her music, setting her apart from her contemporaries.

When asked about her love for what she does, Deziya passionately explains that music allows her to communicate and connect with others on a profound level. She believes that music is not simply a collection of sounds, but a universal language that has the power to transport listeners to another realm. For Deziya, the ability to paint vivid pictures in people’s minds through her lyrics and melodies is a source of great joy and fulfillment. She finds inspiration in the world around her, from the chirping of birds to the hum of car engines, recognizing that music is omnipresent and has the ability to bring peace and happiness to those who embrace it.

What truly sets Deziya apart from other artists, singers, and songwriters is her unique creative process. Rather than relying solely on her own thoughts and ideas, she engages in a dynamic conversation with the instruments she works with. Each instrument carries its own message, and Deziya responds by crafting hooks, verses, and bars that form the foundation of her songs. This intimate collaboration between the beat and herself results in a musical experience that is truly authentic and unmatched.

Looking ahead, Deziya envisions a future filled with remarkable accomplishments. In five years’ time, she aspires to sit down with major record labels, taking her career to new heights. She plans to secure endorsement deals and platforms with industry credibility while simultaneously working on her first book, chronicling her journey in the music industry. Furthermore, Deziya aims to see her works climb the Billboard charts, establishing her name and reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Beyond music, Deziya has a broader vision for her life. She aspires to venture into film, acting, and film writing, expanding her creative horizons. Her ultimate goal is to create her own label and work with future artists, nurturing and guiding them on their own artistic paths. Deziya also intends to leave her mark on the publishing and writing industries, further diversifying her portfolio of accomplishments. Dreaming big, she hopes to receive prestigious awards such as an Oscar, a Grammy, and a National Book Award, solidifying her status as an influential and multi-talented artist.

When asked about her contributions to the industry, Deziya emphasizes her commitment to bringing diversity and substance back to the forefront. With her innovative creativity and dedication to her art, she aims to remind artists and entertainers of the power of genuine talent and the creation of lasting fan bases. Deziya’s ability to perform across various genres has already garnered attention, as she recently captivated a predominantly Trap Music Event, winning over the crowd and leaving them clamoring for more. Her versatility not only adds value to her own career but also opens up new avenues for revenue and success for fellow artists.

Finally, when reflecting on her legacy, Deziya Cartel desires to be remembered as an artist who left behind an extraordinary body of work, akin to the greats such as Michael Jackson and Prince. She hopes that her creations will continue to inspire and resonate with audiences long after she’s gone, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

In conclusion, Deziya Cartel is a rising star with a unique perspective and unparalleled dedication to her craft. Her love for music, combined with her diverse talents, promises a future filled with remarkable achievements and a lasting impact on the industry. As Deziya’s star continues to rise, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in her extraordinary journey.



James Lee

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California