Godfred Baafi — Net Worth From -$150,000 to $200,000 in Just 5-Years

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Godfred Baafi is founder and CEO of BlackTycoonTalk LLC. He was Born in Ghana, West Africa but currently lives in Bergen County, NJ.

Tell us about your business:

BlackTycoonTalk LLC provides financial and personal development services and content. We offer a wide variety of services such as stock market investment guide, stock portfolio analysis, retirement planning guide, debt reduction strategies, consulting, life coaching, seminars and courses. We focus more on the personal development because winning with money is 80% mentality, habits, decision-making and behavior only 20% financial knowledge. We are all about integrity by teaching and doing the right things for the right reasons. As our motto goes “people first and progress never perfection”

What makes me different as a person?

What sets me apart from most is that I do not do anything normal or average and I do not spend major time on minor things. The challenges many face I have faced as well. Our content and services resonates well with others because it is not a scrip or something I have read in a book, it is my life experience. I have had my fair share of financial troubles growing up with financial education not being part of my background, I’m living proof that one can earn average salaries, not come from financial upbringing, all the cards against them and still make it out the rat race and live the above average life we all work hard for. I have had to unlearn to relearn by studying life through 100s of books, and studying from the greats in the areas of financial and personal development.

What sets me apart from the rest of my peers in the industry?

I have the same net worth as Warren Buffett when he was my age only difference is I took mine from -$150,000 to positive $200,000 in just 5 years. People might think that is impressive but the last 5 years was defense. Meaning heavily focused on getting out of debt completely, long-term investment vehicles such as 401K, diversification of my stock portfolios, fundamentals of finance and human psychology, and most importantly studying life and becoming an asset for the community. Where I excel at is my ability to look at the bigger picture, opportunity cost, compound interest, human psychology and the art of stock market investing. We understand that it is not a one-size fits all approach since everyone have unique circumstances and challenges. We specialize in designing a realistic plan with our clients that best fits their personality, understanding, and goals. Our guidance and teaching derived from life not money. Therefore, our teachings improves personal finance, career, physical health, mental health and relationships.

Where do I see myself in the next 5 years?

The next 5 years is all offense for me. Personally, starting a family with the luxury to trade my time for the most important experiences with people is the Tycoon Culture that we are building. To be able to use my time how I see fit because there are two things we never get back. People when they are gone, and time when it has passed. With BlackTycoonTalk LLC our goal is to reach as many people that can benefit from our services and teaching by helping them design the life that fits them the best. In addition, create opportunities, invest in the community by teaching all lifestyles and background the benefits of using ones finances as a tool rather than trading all our time and energy for it and missing life experiences.

What legacy do you wish to leave behind?

My legacy is to create a culture of generations that seek knowledge and take action to design the life they want and deserve with ethics behind it. Knowledge have always been a great equalizer but urgent action blended with long-term strategies by focusing on contribution rather than ego is near and dear to my heart. In addition, the money has never been the focus or goal because no one gets to take it with them when their time is up. No one speaks on how much money you had when you are gone but everyone remembers how you made him or her feel inspired, believed in themselves, and gave them hope when all seemed lost. Everything we do is about contributing and having a positive impact in our society. There is no shortcut approach to a fulfilling life. The Tycoon journey is long and difficult, but that is what makes it fulfilling because when you learn to carry your own water from the river to the village is when you learn to value every single drop. “People first and progress, never perfection”

Email: Blacktycoontalk@gmail.com

IG: Blacktycoontalk

Facebook: Blacktycoontalk

Youtube: Blacktycoontalk

Twitter: TycoonTalk_

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