Austin Mitchell Carter: Long Island New York’s New Hope?

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Garrett Mitchell Carter is 19 year old American Musician and songwriter from Long Island, NY. Right now he works as a retail at Express Men, while inspiring to be a full-time musician and singer. He also sings in the church and is apart of a group called JMedleyMusik as well as a solo artist. Some of his biggest influences consist of Kirk Franklin, PJ Morton, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, & the legendary voice, Whitney Houston. His biggest accomplishment thus far is when he auditioned for American Idol this past summer. Even though he didn’t make it on TV, he found a confidence in his self that he was missing. “Coming from a whole family of singers, I kind of felt out of place and thought there wasn’t any room for my gift so I got discouraged. Once I got through the auditions, I felt like I could do anything and after meeting some of the most amazing people and dopest singers who helped me along the way, I stepped out of my shell, states Garrett.

“I would like to leave something behind for my future children so they don’t have to struggle and so they can follow in my footsteps (Only if they choose to), but I want people to know how far I’ve come and where I started from and to let the people know that dreams really do come true!”

“I see myself more financially stable and singing as well as touring around the world, but also still serving as a musician in the church while I continue to inspire other people who feel like they don’t have a purpose in the their life.”

Twitter : MusicalAustinn

Instagram : MusicalAustinn

Facebook : Austin Mitchell

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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