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Cortlen Delva, famously known as G-Pak is an American Rapper Born & Raised In Brooklyn, Ny.

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Growing up kids used to tease me because of my eczema & at times it made me feel very alone in this world. It was through my discovery of my music that I realised what I truly had to offer. I decided to find comfort in my abilities, at which point I was inspired to use my voice to tell my story and heal my pain. I found a friend in music and that friend began to introduce me to the world in ways that I had prior never imagined. Life is short, and I feel like I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to play the game. If there was one thing I’d like to accomplish with what life I have left, it would be to help others to live a better and more full one. Music, I believe , is the key to that. Through my music I would like to create a safe space for disenfranchised youth like myself to begin to discover their musical destiny’s whale at the same time embracing the journeys of their youth in ways that I was unable to. Currently I own my record label called Serie Music. For me this represents my catalogue, the series of my life told through my music. I have always said “My life is like a Movie”, in five years i want to be truly acting the part. Working from the script that is my true destiny. I see my label with at least three top tier artist, I see us touring and making and making an impact on the world. In five years I want to be a living example of how five years spent is truly five years earned. God willing. I don’t want fame. I would make music for free if I could. What makes me different is that music is a part of me. Every man has their own individual fingerprint, so ultimately as I express myself through music I cannot help but to be different. Every time I Touch the mic or keyboard I leave my imprint…I make a difference. If I was to answer this question from a technical standpoint I would have to admit that leaving alegacy is not an ambition of mine; however if were to consider legacy as a way of life an not simply that which I am to leave when I die, then I would say that I would want to elevate the hardware which programs the hearts and minds of mankind.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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