Fyb Taner: Official Music Video World premier “Shipping & Handling”

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Fyb Taner is back with his a World Premier to his Official Music Video to his smash single “Shipping and Handling”. With flows similar to one of his biggest influences, Tory Lanez, he’s sending a message to the music industry to not sleep on him.

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“Shipping and Handling” is a song about Fyb Taner boasting and bragging about his unique fashion, street sense, and beautiful women surrounding him. Sex, money, drugs, and hustling is the message consistently referenced. With a unique follow and style seen like no other he’s set to hit the scene as one of the biggest new artists in the music industry. Ladies and gentle I present to you “Shipping and Handling” by Fyb Taner Official Music Video!




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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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