FTF Double A — Memphis’ Hidden Jewel

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Alex Anderson, famously known as FTF Double A, is an American musical artist and songwriter from Memphis,Tn. With flows that remind you of fellow Memphis rap star Don Trip, FTF Double A is bringing back real Hip-Hop with punch lines and bars expressing his pain and underdog mentality. What sets FTF Double A apart from other Memphis artists is his lyricism and his positive message with electric bars that have never been heard. FTF Double A hits the scene hard with his smash single “Better Me”, which is a song about his growth as a man into fatherhood and providing for his family. FTF Double A is set to be Memphis’ next big Hip-Hop star and will be nationally known very soon.

Check out his new single “Better Me” Official Music Video:

Check out FTF Double A’s new EP “Family To Feed”:


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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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