This interview is about a Young Mother, Entrepreneur, Business owner and more.

Please check out below about getting to know “Elani Kay”, I hope you get inspired by this Young Woman as she shares her story.

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What is your full name and where are you from?

Elani: “My name is Elani Kay and I am originally from Northern California. I currently am living in Southern California in Los Angeles”.

Kay continues by sharing the differentially as a person.

Elani explains, “I have always considered myself different mainly — I’ve always had a very diverse circle of friends at every age. I am a Japanese / Chinese American, born in Santa Clara, CA. Both of my parents were born in the US as well. My first language was English and I grew up with diversity. I’m deeply rooted in the belief — that we each have an individual power to be more positively impactful than we could ever imagine, but most people don’t know of their power or their gifts. As I’ve grown and experienced many things along my journey, I’ve come to realize the importance of leading by example. As a Mother, friend, woman, business owner, life coach, and all the various hats I wear, I aspire to lead with good energy. Every tool, resource, business, and art I create is with the intention to help someone else get closer to achieving their higher quality of life”.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Elani: “In 5 years, our world is going to look so different in the way we interact and conduct business. I am hopeful for the changes, we will see although the process to getting there may not be so pretty. I do believe that money is a tool and freedom is the goal for me, so in 5 years I see myself living free — financially free, negativity free, program free, unnecessary stress free, (insert smiley face lol) and also inspiring others to learn what that really means to be free. I will still have two teenagers to raise and I’m sure also taking care of my parents, so life will still be filled with an abundance of love. As an entrepreneur, I see my businesses thriving internationally and my personal brand is known for being a resource to help others get their message and creative content out there. Throughout my network called “CEITA TV” and “ELANI KAY” ,known as — a resource to help others transform, evolve, thrive, and grow to reach the levels of success that they are reaching for”.

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My email is ceitatvinc@gmail.com

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Need A Little Inspiration, Tune In to Elani Kay on her Talk Shows.

“My current show is called “ELANI TALK”. On ELANI TALK we talk about the “tools in your toolbox.” We all need a little bit of hope, inspiration, motivation, and what better way to get it then directly from those who have survived to tell the story LIVE on Instagram @elanikay and redistributed on YouTube and VEZBI”.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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