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Francelin Rock, known as EFFE QYD (pronunciation: f.fay kid), that translates to “F Kid”, is an abstract MC Lyricist Hiphop R&B artist from South Florida. He had a vision ever since his early childhood, and that vision led him to express his art and love for music everywhere. He recorded his first song on a cassette player in a age of modern technology because he didn’t have the means to record in a professional setting or laptop at the age of 16, and sent it to his friends. Recording a song from his phone, He released his first song in 2011, followed by his first experimental mixtape release in 2012, which was done the same way, a phone recorder. Having been signed due to those phone projects and turned away by false promises. Now that he records professionally, EFFE QYD goes at it solo with an intention of moving the crowd and inspiring listeners from different walks of life. Whether it’s a Two-Step or a love song, EFFE QYD lyrically touches the conscious listener and wakes up the sleeping giant. Often pointing to the elephant in the room, his words analyze rights, laws, diversity, and beliefs in our society. His latest release, classic and exclusive “Dreadz so Brazy,” is EFFE QYD’s step onto the stage of the current state of our world defined by power, and crashing it with the weight of real life.

Sc: effe_qyd

Ig: effe_qyd_a.k.a_rock

Facebook: EFFE QYD

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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