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Elijah Britt also known as DOLL BAY raised in Chesapeake “cheese town” Virginia. I started making music around 13 years of age. I have been building and mastering my craft ever since mixing sounds of trap R&B , jazz and Caribbean music on songs like “Come 2 Me” and “Bahia Muneca” to create a rich and original sound. I am also a writer/ producer of music. I often use my experience on the bay as his focus to elevate my music to a level of vividness. Heavy with percussion and ambient production. I may transition from style to style as a master of music production and composition. I also strive to bring other artist from my community together to create a unity in music. Producing for many indie artist. I also bring the community together through health and wellness, serving as a personal trainer for many locals through a family owned gym. I always say music is a way to channel energy through a positive outlet, even if the energy isn’t always positive. I believe art is always an outlet that will be true and non- oppressive. Music is freedom of speech at its’s best. That’s what sets me apart from other artist and as a person in general, the love for the art itself and all the artists that represent it.

Building toward the integration of genres (even ones that seem worlds apart) is the goal of DOLL BAY. Bringing artist together, not just as a label but a whole music community. I plan to in the very near future open a school for the arts, music, film, dance etc…. that would be available to anyone from any walk of life with hard work and dedication. I believe anyone should have the right to nurture and display their talents. As an artist and lover of music, I am working to give many independent artist the opportunities they deserve. In the next 5 years would like to establish myself and a solid writer, artist, and producer as well as an advocate for all genres of indie music. I love writing music even more than I like actually making it. Words can be beautiful. DOLL BAY is going to be around, producing and making music as long as music can be made in DOLL BAY.

EMAIL: INSTAGRAM:@Doll_house_bay




ALSO: DOLL BAY- Bahia Muneca out now on all streaming platforms

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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