DeZiya Cartel — The Coming

Singer, songwriter, and musician DeZiya Cartel was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She was brought to America at age 7. At the age of 14 she released her first song ever titled “And Then I Realized”. In 2013 she linked up with a well known engineer whom she worked with and built a team releasing her 2nd single titled Lights Out. She then took a break from music and left to serve America in the U.S. Marine Corps. In 2018 she linked back up with engineer where she began working on new single “Black Magic” a reggae/dancehall genre. Black Magic was released in 2019. Before becoming an independent artist, the last single Throwback Record was released.

Earning an appearance on 105.5 the beat with IHeartRadio host Buddah Ratt aka Uncle Buddah, she was interviewed and announced the releasing of an EP that never got released. Therefore DeZiya Cartel moves forward to becoming an independent artist in April of 2019. She released her first independent project “Work Your Body” to MusicPluggedN a.k.a PluggedNRadio where her hit single was Number 1 on the station’s chart for 3 months. Though DeZiya Cartel has faced many obstacles such as access to her very own music being revoked and videos held hostage she continues to persue her dreams. She is set apart from her peers in this industry by not using the drama and negativity she has faced for clout. In 5 years she will have reached every goal she has set out for her self in music and in life. She wishes to leave the legacy that saved this generation of men, women, and children from self destruction and destruction of future generations.

Social Media

Instagram: DeZiya_Cartel

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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