David Imonitie — Super Entrepreneur, Success Coach, and Best Selling Author

James Lee
4 min readAug 19, 2020

David Imonitie is a success trainer, investor and serial entrepreneur. After several years of failure in the network marketing industry, he decided to shift how he viewed money and achievement. By applying proven success principles, he earned his first $1,000,000 by the age of 27.

David currently sits as the #1 African American income earner in the direct sales industry. In addition, out of 150 million people within that industry, he comes in today as the 7th highest income earner worldwide. Yet ask him about those stats and it’s not important to him.

David’s secret?

He builds his foundation through the power of belief and leading by example. Authentic, genuine and more importantly a man that will stand for truth to do the right thing and against all odds; David proves himself every time to be an example of leadership even if it means to ride the storm alone.

The great heights of his success were not always just David’s efforts, he cut his teeth in this industry the first five years making what was industry standard before breaking through in 2009 becoming a six figure earner.

David never stopped believing and working hard his day of harvest would come. Because of those strong beliefs, by 2011 he entered the 7 figure annual earning club with organizations spanning the globe. Today, David’s momentum continues allowing him to flow naturally into earning multiple 8 Figures.

James Lee

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