Codie West — A Rising Artist That started at the Bottom

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Codie West is an independent unsigned British artist from London UK currently residing in Spain. Over the course of his career Codie has tackled some major life challenges which has included homelessness at age 16 whilst also having an ongoing mental health issue called “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” which he was diagnosed in 2007.

In 2016 Codie was offered a major record deal which instructed him to remove all of his music from the online database, unfortunately this deal didn’t go through and Codie was left in a situation where he had to “start over” and rebrand himself with a new sound!

Codie quoted..

“There are many doors that open in the music industry and many doors that close, that’s just part of the journey! This will never stop me from pushing my way through to make my dream a reality”

Codie has a message to share with the world — having suffered with depression, anxiety, homelessness and mental health issues. Codie aims to relate to others that have had similar health & life experiences. He states, “its okay not to be okay and you are never alone”.

In 2017 Codie joined a band and appeared in the famous Tv show “The Xfactor”,the band made it to the Six Chair Challenge. After the show the band went their separate ways to work on individual projects.

The show encouraged Codie to want to pursue his dream further than having a taste of what it’s like to perform to an audience of 10,000 people at The Wembely Arena In London UK.

Codie quote,“The show was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life”.

Further down the career line — Codie started to collaborate with electro pop duo UNO! Codie has featured on two tracks with the London based duo (Almost Made It & Gold Girl) with a third due to release on the 29th May titled

“UNO Feat. Codie West — Good Thing”

“Good Thing” is a completely new style introduced to Codie, the song is a heart felt ballad consisting of mesmerising vocals gently placed on the top of a beautiful piano and strings.

Codie believes this specific song can and will speak to everyone.

This year Codie teamed up with Spanish Reggaeton artist Rah O’donnell & British Rap artist JAEY G to release their new single “Need To Know”.

The song has a blend of English and Spanish lyrics and is inspired by summer with tropical influences, an uplifting feel good song which is very easy to vibe to.

Check out “Need To Know” Here

There have been many fantastic opportunities — that Codie has discovered along the way which have included multiple television appearances,radio interviews, and even performing at The Annual Brit Awards Afterparty 2 years in a row!

Codie has never charged or been paid for any of these appearances.

Codie in 5 Years:

In 5 years time, Codie hopes to have his current album campaign completed and released, Codie aims to be performing his music all over the world within 5 years.

“its my time, my turn to share my message with the world”.

Codie has started a fund raiser in hopes to gain enough support to make his dream album a reality!

You can check out Codie’s campaign and support him here:

You can also check out Codie’s music here

Be sure to give Codie a follow on his social media channels here:

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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