Kris Summers AKA Madgalkris

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Kris Summers, famously known as madgalkris, is a professional Model, musical artist, and entrepreneur.

Tell us more about your business:

I am the Founder of

I started from modeling, gained a big fan base! I wanted to achieve a certain look so I started 16thvanity to give that perfect figure to woman that wanted a better appearance. Now I’m a successful entrepreneur that runs multiple company’s.

Kris Summers is a self made model/entrepreneur that has been investing her craft for quite some time. From being tased in a small town called Springfield mass her family decided to move to Atlanta. She first went to college with a political science degree for four years, but she wanted more to life and faster money. She so different amongst the norm because she made a plan, wrote it done, and succeeded. Anything she puts her mind she has succeeded in it. First started modeling as well as creating a company that would provide would the perfect figure. when it came to model, she started being featured in numerous celebrity videos, lil yatchy, rich the kid, 2 chainz, young dolph etc. she knew with the looks in talent it was time to take her ideas to a broader audience which was Instagram. Passing 100k followers after going viral from appear in lil yatchy video “better” her followers continued to grow and grow over time. Not only that She started 16thvanity with the intentions of allowing woman to achieve a desirable figure with just a waist trainer. Though many years of hard work and dedication to her craft she has made a name for herself as well as a prospering business. Although kris has seen a lot of great success this is only the beginning for her. She has created a life style that not only takes care of her but as well as her family.

Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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