Chay CEO-The Therapy Session We All Need

Make sure you “Check Out” the Article below as I interviewed the Young & Talent Chay CEO.

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What is your full/artist name and where are you from?

Chay: “My name is Chayla Cooper, also known as Chay CEO is a Houston native residing in Austin, Texas”.

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Chay CEO released her second EP and follow up to her debut album, “Therapy Session”, Halloween 2019 and has placed LGBT heartbreak at the forefront of our mind and heart. With lead single “What the Deal” ,bellowing exasperations of a romance played out. No matter who you love, you’ll definitely relate.

This silent, but deadly artist has been rising under our radar for some time. From performing at South By Southwest 2017, The LGBT Collegiate Summit at Texas State, and the Xscape Puerto Rico LGBT Arts and Culture Festival within months of her debut album; Chay CEO was la- beled a Global Genius by the Global Genius Society and named a top 10 Artist at Austin’s KAZI Radio numerous times.

Born in Houston, Texas, and now hailing from Austin, TX, Chay CEO brings a late 90’s era style of music to R&B and Hip-Hop while speaking on themes of love, heartbreak, and partying. Her music can be found on all major music platforms.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

Chay: “In five years, I see myself doing music full-time, traveling the world, and sharing my gift”.

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Chayla Cooper Additional Information:

Chayla Cooper

CEO of Sleeq Productions

Contact number: 832–878–4527

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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