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Full name:Alexey Sergeyevich Rychkov (Burn in a day: stage name)

I’m a musician, specializing in hip hop/punk pop. However I keep a versatile style by also uploading classical music to appeal to most audiences. If you listen to some songs I guarantee there is something you will like.

I’m originally from Russia and started off by writing lyrics in English in hopes of one day moving to America. Somehow along the way I got the opportunity to live in the states. So right now I make music to inspire those who were as lost as I was. I hope to show everyone that dreams can come true.

In 5 years I will still be making music for those who would like to listen. I’ll also be teaching English as a second language in third world countries and or working as a geneticists trying to find cures to genetic diseases.

The legacy I wish to leave behind is the message someone important to me once said “I want people to know who they are, what they like and what they want”. I want to encourage people to go and chase their dreams after hearing my story. Because I’m no super hero. I’m just a regular person, so if I can do it. So can you.


Instagram : im.justalex

Snapchat : imjustalexey

iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music/Napster/tidal:

“Burn In a Day”

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