James Lee
4 min readApr 23, 2020

Marcus Russell, famously known as BigMoney Markie, is an American musical artist and songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. Markie is building steam for his upcoming project “TRAPION” with interscope records. Markie makes vulnerable and lit music. “If you can’t grind to it don’t ride to it”, says Markie.

Who are your biggest influences in life?

My Pawpaw! Taught to stand on principles! My son taught me responsibility!

Who’s your favorite artist

Really, I love me, but Meek Mill has a big influence on me in my grind life.

What inspired you to do music?

Coming from where I come from, the only way I knew was selling drugs. I didn’t want be like the rest of these people with no legal income so when I turned 18 I took my hobbie, which was music, more seriously and then it took me more seriously.

What is something you like to do besides making music?

I love to play basketball. I feel like if I took it more seriously I could’ve been the NBA.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

An Icon in the music industry. I’ll know when I finally made it when I see how many other people I made millionaires.

James Lee

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