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My name is Anthony Martinez and I’m from Rancho Cucamonga California

I post my music on SoundCloud and instagram and as of right now my SoundCloud overall streams are over 8 million

What makes me different from everyone else is that I like to do a lot of different kinds of rap but I am still overall lyrical with my songs, I have some chill, hyped up, lyrical and music you could just vibe to. In rap I’ve always looked up to people like j.cole, logic, Eminem, Jid, and Cordae in the rap game so I think my style is really just a combination of all of those people in a way, my music sounds like a mixture of old and new rap put together

In 5 years I see myself big in the music industry touring around the world having fun with fans and hopefully going down as one of the greats, and if. I’m not there yet then I would still be working on that goal to prove to everyone I was meant to do this

The legacy I want to leave behind is helping people that are in need weather it’s giving back to community’s or helping people that are feeling a certain way during the day and making them feel good through my music cause I know for myself I go to music for everything and that has always helped so I wanna do the same for other people to.


SoundCloud- Keepthinking?

Instagram- keep_thinking_official

For Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services look up “BigBro-divine?”

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