Ali Hayalie’s Manuka Honey: Luxury meet Health & Wellness

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Hayalie is a brand that produces the world’s most luxurious commodities including one of the highest qualities of Manuka Honey ever found. Extracted from the rarest Manuka trees only found in his home country of New Zealand, its the king of all honey and is called ‘Liquid Gold’ because of its exclusive rarity and overall great health benefits. The brand’ provides the finest quality Manuka Honey to its clients, ethically and sustainably harvested from the most lauded farms in New Zealand only two weeks of an entire year which is why it results in very limited supplies.

There are a few different producers of Manuka Honey around, but what makes Manuka by Hayalie’s honey special is the attention to detail, high quality and potency of Manuka Honey and care given to each jar. “Only ten jars per hour can be completed by one person on the farm, which shows how every jar is handled with the love and care it deserves”, says Hayalie.

Artists, musicians and actors use and enjoy this special commodity in order to help with their voices and vocal cords. They find that its much safer to use a natural healer rather than using steroid pills and injections that would cause longterm permanent damage to their vocal cords.

Since Manuka By Hayalie has one of the higher potencies ever found in Manuka Honey, it works as a great antiviral and antibacterial commodity which helps boost the immune system and provides us with great natural energy. With the recent unfortunate global epidemic spread, Manuka By Hayalie’s ultra high Manuka Honey potency could help fight viruses and bacteria making it a top product and asset to have during a pandemic.

In order to be considered therapeutic Manuka honey must contain levels of methylglyoxal above 100 units on the MGO scale, on average. However, Manuka by Hayalie measures an impressive score of MGO +1000, about ten times higher.

Only a handful of producers can flaunt similar scores. Now, this we call special.

Methylglyoxal is the active ingredient responsible for most of the “miraculous” health benefits ascribed to Manuka honey — which is really what sets it apart from other natural products — providing a formidable anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory action.

Some of its most common and important benefits include:

Reducing respiratory infections: researchers found out that Manuka honey can be very helpful fighting respiratory infections (even in patients with serious conditions, such as Cystic Fibrosis) because of its natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties;

Oral healing: several studies confirmed that the use of this honey can visibly reduce the presence of plaque or bleeding gingivitis in the oral cavity, compared to patients who didn’t undergo the treatment;

Soothing of throat inflammations: the honey’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties can effectively contrast harmful microbes and soothe throat inflammations, even in immunosuppressed patients who underwent chemotherapy — studies have shown;

Treatment of wounds: according to research about 88% of patients with non-healing wounds notably improved within two weeks (in a sample of 40 people), with a reduced size of their wounds; a similar study implied that Manuka products are helping heal individuals with diabetic ulcers as well;

Improvement of digestive symptoms: thanks to its antioxidant qualities, researchers found out that Manuka honey may reduce digestive inflammations, in particular the symptoms of Irritable Bowels Syndrome.

The list goes on and on. A simple Google search will convince you that the health benefits of Manuka Honey can’t be enumerated so quickly.

Endorsed by Hollywood celebrities, the demand for this product has soared since the 1990s. Yet, its production is a slow, meticulous process. It is only possible in areas in which special Manuka flowers are abundant, where most of the hives are accessible solely by hiking or helicopter.

It’s not a coincidence if celebrities from all over the World have been using this product for years, as their special Ace in the sleeve.

It’s not a coincidence if we soon started calling it our liquid gold.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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