Alasadir Rodriguez — “Horizon Artist, Next Up”

James Lee
2 min readMay 27, 2020

What is your full/artist name and where are you from?

Alasadir: “My full name is Alasadir Micah Rodriguez, my artist name is my first name: Alasadir (al•uh•zay•dur). I was born in Boulder, Colorado and was raised all over the Denver/Boulder area and also lived some of my life in Colorado Springs”.

What differentiates you from most artist?

Alasadir :“Right off the back my name is one of the most unique things about me; therefore, I always tell people that it sounds like the word alligator ,but instead of the ‘g’ there’s an ‘s’ that sounds like a ‘z’. I also like to think of myself as a genuine artist who loves to create good authentic music. I’m not doing this for anything else,but the truths that I’ve seen and heard throughout my life. I believe that as a human being living through these times, we have to hold ourselves accountable and face truths. I love doing that in the form of music, I touch base on mental health and systemic issues that we face. I love to bring light on things that are hidden in a loving way. There always seems to be a black and white point of view with the world and music makes me feel different, i.e. woke versus asleep, conscious versus materialistic. I like to think why can’t we be all or none or even some? Nothing matters but it does at the same time, my intentions come from purity and love. There are no limits and no comparison to the kind of music I make, I’m forever evolving and growing as an artist”.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Alasadir: “In five years, I see myself being at the top of a label that my team and I have build since 2015, making successful albums along the way. I also see myself venturing in a lot of other activities within the entertainment business and out. It’s not just something I can see either, I can feel this energy building up”.

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