Akbar Yungai: Changing the Narrative

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Combine excellent customer service, creativity, and savvy style; now you have Akbar Yungai. Serving as a content creator and store manager at Respected Roots, Akbar takes on challenging responsibilities, such as driving sales and retaining customers at the company’s flagship store at Lenox Mall. Respected Roots is the Golden Standard of grooming led by expert chemist Jarrett Patterson & marketing genius Jason Hawkins which is dedicated to providing the finest self-care products where total skincare needs are concerned.

Akbar established himself as a master salesman, professional leader and skillful communicator. His remarkable hospitality background allows him to engage with people from all backgrounds, be informative, gain awareness and overall build substantial relationships.

In addition to 2 years in the business, Akbar also models for the renowned brand Respected Roots. He maintains a role in inspiring young black men to keep a sharp look and mind. “Being the best version of yourself externally and internally will only attract greatness”.

Ask him about networking. It’s his secret talent.

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Chris Collins is an American multimedia journalist from Los Angelas, California

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