A Binky- Making it look easy with his debut single “Sunlight”

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Austin Bianco is a 27 year old who has been a successful business owner from Dallas, TX that is an aspiring musician ready to risk it all to accomplish what he wants. He is currently the GM of a successful restaurant in the surrounding areas of DFW. He’s really just starting to take his music seriously and he finally released his debut single “Sunlight” for his upcoming EP 5ive5ive. Listen here:

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

“My biggest influences that really made me want to pursue music are Elton John, Darrell Hall and John Oates, Slick Rick, Andre 3k, Kid Cudi but most of all Mac Miller. We both had similar upbringings. We were both the same age and I loved watching him transform from a frat party rapper to an actual artist. His music was always evolving and never followed the same route. It was always something different and I always related to his current state of mind which is where true art comes from. I related with him so much throughout his whole career. I went through some really rough drug addiction days. I dealt with depression to the point where I didn’t even leave my room for anything other than food and water for a few months. I will say this though. I’ve gotten many comparisons to him and I was worried about that as kind of dreading hearing people say “Oh! He’s just trying to be like Mac”. I mean I sure I do agree I have a similar vibe, a similar personality and a similar sound but at the end of the day I’m not Mac Miller. I’m A Binky. My mother is also a huge influence for me. I was classically trained in piano by her since the day I could move my fingers. She was a concert pianist and an artist. My artistic abilities and creativity are all from her and ever since the day she passed away in 2012 all I’ve wanted to do is excel in this industry and find a way to put my creativity to use.”

What are some of your biggest accomplishments thus thus far?

I’m just now getting started in this industry so I’m nowhere near my greatest accomplishment just yet. So for now my greatest accomplishment is actually putting in the work and creating professional quality content and putting it out for my friends, family and the world to hear. There’s so much talent in this world that goes unheard of unrecognized because they are too scared or nervous about what would come from it that they never even take the chance. So for me, that’s my greatest accomplishment so far in this industry.”

What legacy do you wish to leave behind?

“I don’t necessarily want to leave a legacy because to me that seems too materialistic. I want to leave a positive impact on the people who need it. Kid Cudi really helped me get through a lot of internal issues that I had been fighting for years. It was nice to see that someone with his social status in the world struggled with the same problems that your average joe did. I’ve been through it all. I watched my mother die right in front of me. At one point a day didn’t go by that I wasn’t high on some sort of pill or powder for a 3 year stint. I overdosed and flatlined twice. I’ve been so depressed that I tried killing myself by letting my health deteriorate over time when I was going through depression and wouldn’t leave my room for months, but all that went away when I decided to leave everything I knew behind and travel for about 2 years and I did it with next to nothing but I found my way on my own with no help and it changed my entire perspective on life. It made me truly realize and understand what’s real and what isn’t and also what’s useless and what really matters and I want to preach that to struggling humans that are too scared to take risks and show them I’m the proof that it works.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Obviously I want music to work out. It’s the one true love in my life. Music is everything to me and I’d love to be performing for thousands and live that lifestyle just like everyone else, but at the same time I also want to buy a piece of land in Washington on a lake with mountains surrounding me, my own little oasis where I can grow my own food, grow my own weed and live out my life peacefully making music surrounded by nature with my loved ones and my dog brutus, but I guess we’ll see where the wind takes me.

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